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VEN2013 – Argentina thinks of Paraguay

Caracas, Venezuela - With their mind set on their debut tomorrow against Paraguay, the Argentina coach Julio Cesar Lamas, and the Albiceleste captain, Luis Scola, said the team is ready to start the FIBA Americas Championship." We arrived well for the tournament. Then there are situations to be solved when playing for points, both in concentration and emotionally. All you have to do with the seriousness of the work and dedication we have done well," said Lamas. Meanwhile, Luifa added that "the team had its ups and downs, but we are prepared for this new challenge."

Also, Lamas emphasized on the absences in the National Team. "When it happened the absences generated a sense of bitterness, but when we started training things went well. I am aware that the tournament starts tomorrow. We are in a new stage, hoping this group of young players has their first positive tournament and that Argentine basketball will be strengthened. "

In turn, both referred to the team’s opponent tomorrow. "Paraguay will play the game with the environment that we are favorites. I think they will appeal to unite as a whole and raise various tactical situations, to see if we lose patience and play badly," said Lamas. Meanwhile, Scola remarked that, "we have to deal with all the games the same way. We must be intense in every match. Our business is always coming out as strong as possible. We have respect for Paraguay, but we do not value it like Brazil because it’s another story, another group of talented players. Although we are aware that both Brazil and Paraguay can beat us. We prepare for the game the same way with any opponent and things can go wrong. Hope it's not that day tomorrow, because it has happened twice,  gainst Venezuela and Mexico."

Finally, the Argentine power forward for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA spoke about his role in the set. "The team has marked the difference that Julio is the coach and I 'm the player, I have no interference between technical decisions. I think it's clear that I'm the oldest player of the team in terms of age, quite different from most, and also in many international tournaments played. That is, many have never played this tournament in the past, which I have more experience and obviously my opinion is important. This is not to say that in other tournaments it was not, but my role has not changed much in recent years. What changed is that in previous years it was shared and this year is more solitary. But I'm not alone either , because there’s also Juan Gutiérrez , who’s played many tournaments, Marcos Mata , who was in several international championships , Julio Lamas and Gonzalo Garcia, they are people who already have enough experience. "

Argentina will debut tomorrow at 13:30 against Paraguay.

Melissa Gurevich and Emilio Hamilton


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